Aldara & Zyclara

Studies have shown that Aldara cream and Zyclara cream can be effective treatment for pre-cancerous lesions when used as prescribed by your doctor. Previously, this medication was prescribed only for certain types of warts.

Instructions for Using Aldara/Zyclara

  • Apply cream to the entire affected area to be treated at bedtime 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.
  • Your doctor recommends that you wash the treatment area with mild soap and water approximately eight hours after the application (in the morning).
  • Come to the office for a follow up visit for four weeks after beginning treatment.

Possible Side Effects

  • Usually the skin reactions that occur are mild to moderate. Redness, skin erosion (wearing away), flaking, swelling, itching/burning, scabbing might occur. If these reactions become too much of a problem for you, stop taking the medication until the flare-up is over. Then, resume the medication again. It’s fine to take a break from it during treatment.
  • Report promptly: flu-like symptoms (fever, muscle aches) or rash.
  • Use of a sunscreen is recommended.
  • If you miss a dose, use it as soon as you remember. If it is near the time of the next dose, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule. Do not “double-up” the doses to catch up.
  • Please call our office if you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment with Aldara and/or Zyclara.

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