Appointment Prep

Save time in our waiting room by completing the necessary forms at home using your computer keyboard and bringing them with you to your appointment.

Clicking the links below will usually open them up in your browser.  To download the forms to your desktop, right-click the links and choose “Save Link (or Target) As…”.

All new patients will need to complete the following 3 forms:

Form 1 – Medical History (Interactive pdf)
Form 2 – Policy and Consents (Interactive pdf)
Form 3 – Patient Registration (Interactive pdf)
Form 4 – DCW-MedReleaseForm (Interactive pdf)

For specific procedures, please choose the appropriate form(s) below:


Care instructions for after the procedure, not a form:
Microdermabrasion Post-care Treatment

Please Remember:

  • Do bring your driver’s license or photo ID.
  • Do bring relevant insurance cards and information.
  • Do bring a list of any and all medications and dosages you are taking currently or have taken in the past, including oral, topical, over-the-counter, or herbal supplements.
  • Do not wear jewelry, makeup, or nail polish to your appointment. This will facilitate an efficient and thorough examination and/or procedure.

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