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More Than Skin Deep

This article is featured in the May, 2015 edition of “Williamsburg’s Next Door Neighbors” on page 51, available here as PDF. by Greg Lilly, Editor Dr. Donna Corvette practiced internal medicine before she decided to specialize in dermatology. “There is a tremendous overlap between skin and internal medicine,” she explains. “The skin is a window to internal problems of the human body. A dermatologist is trained to look at a person’s skin to determine if the rash is due to autoimmune disease, medications, internal organ dysfunction, cancer, genetic disorders. The list of possibilities is extensive. I’m glad I trained in both internal medicine and dermatology. The extra training allows me to have an understanding of the entire body and enables a ‘root cause/integrative’ approach to medicine versus approaching the skin and the inner workings of the body separately.” Her childhood experiences led to her decision to become a physician and teacher. Dr. Corvette’s father worked for IBM and took the family to different parts of the country. Around the age of six, she and her family settled in Rockville, Maryland. She always had a passion for learning and for teaching. Even at a very young age, she was an entrepreneur. […]

Skin Cancer Screenings

You are your own best friend when preventing skin cancer.  You must know your skin and its spots in order to inform your doctor of any change — even a single spot — that could be an early warning sign.  We believe in educating patients to know what to look for, and urge them to have screenings at least once per year. *Recent statistics say one person dies of melanoma every hour, but if detected early enough, this disease can be beaten 99% of the time. *Statistics from The Skin Cancer Foundation The life you save can be your own with the help of a medical dermatologist, so please check your skin and schedule your skin cancer screening appointment today.  Call 757-645-3787, Ext 1, or use the form below. Request Your Skin Cancer Screening Appointment